What is Pre-Planning?

What is Pre-Planning?

Teresa Westing

Hello, my name is Teresa Westing. I am the advance planning specialist and I love my job! I have been assisting families to plan ahead for over a decade.

Many are surprised and relieved to find that all their questions about costs and choices can be determined in one informative, casual meeting, at no charge. I help family members talk things through, considering all the options allowing informed decisions to be made.

Why do so many people call me to pre-plan their funerals?

  • Most tell me their main reason is to help out their family so they are not burdened by the numerous decisions during a difficult time.
  • Many tell me that they like to know that they have made a wise financial planning decision that protects assets and guarantees against increasing costs.
  • They like to know that their personal preferences will be carried out by having everything on file, protected and confidential, at the funeral home. They like taking control.
  • They experience peace of mind. They don’t have to think about the uncertainty anymore, unless they choose to make changes as the years go by.
  • They are pleased to learn that there are many payment plan options.
  • They realize that pre-planning early, while still younger and healthier offers more money saving options.
  • They tell me that it is nice to know that their plan is transferable, should residence change in the future.

Arrange a meeting with Teresa by calling 920.922.5110 or arrange a meeting by email to set up a time and place that is convenient for you, including phone and on-line consultations. There is no charge for this meeting and no obligation. It never hurts to learn and be prepared.



Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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